BSCC vs CVCC, MATCH 23 Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing XI BYJU'S Mizoram T20

BSCC vs CVCC, MATCH 23 Dream11 Prediction, Player Stats, Playing XI BYJU'S Mizoram T20

In This Blog we cove Match No. 23 of BYJU'S Mizoram T20. Bawngkawn South Cricket Club vs Chhinga Veng Cricket Club we can cover Player Stats, Playing XI, Grand League and Small League Teams, Squads and Head to Head.

Match Details:

Match:- 23, Bawngkawn South Cricket Club vs Chhinga Veng Cricket Club, BYJU'S Mizoram T20
Time and date:- 25/04/2022 - 09:00AM
Venue:- Suaka Cricket Ground, Mizoram, India, Mizoram

BSCC vs CVCC Full Squads to choose from

Bawngkawn South Cricket Club Team Squad
Zomuansanga, R Lalhlimpuia, Moses Ramhlunmawia, Malsawmdinpuia, Lalnunthara Ngutre, C Lalmuanpuia, R Lalthakima, Bobby Vanlalhriata-Vanchhawng, Michael Lalhmachhuana, Indra Chettri, Lalnuntluanga Langel, Lalmalsawma Khawlhring, K Lalthazuala, Arbin Sahi, Zoramthanga, Denish Lalremruata, Lalbiaktluanga, Lalremruata Tochhawng, Lalrinfela, Lalawmpuia Renthlei.

Chhinga Veng Cricket Club Team Squad
Lalhruaimawia Ralte, Lalruatdika, Gaurav Singh, Akash singh, Lalchhuanliana, Sumit Lama, Lalnuntluanga, K Vanlalruata, Rinsangzela Hmamte, Jehu Anderson, Lalduhsaka, Laltleipuia, Lalthlamuana, Rayesh Chhetri, Tony Lalringa, Jonathan Lalbiakkima, Rosianliana Ralte Junior, Lalchhandama Sailo, William Pachuau, Lalthlanawma.

BSCC vs CVCC Probable Playing XI

Bawngkawn South Cricket Club Playing XI
Lalnunthara Ngutre (WK/C), Michael Lalhmachhuana, R Lalthakima, Zomuansanga, Lalnuntluanga Langel, R Lalhlimpuia, Lalmalsawma Khawlhring, Arbin Sahi, Lalrinfela, Lalawmpuia Renthlei, Moses Ramhlunmawia.

Chhinga Veng Cricket Club Playing XI
Lalruatdika (WK), Laltleipuia, K Vanlalruata, Lalhruaimawia Ralte, Sumit Lama, Lalnuntluanga (C), Rayesh Chhetri, Rosianliana Ralte Junior, Rinsangzela Hmamte, Lalthlanawma, William Pachuau.

BSCC vs CVCC Stats

Top 5 Batsman in Bawngkawn South Cricket Club
Arbin Sahi:- 6M - 125R
Zoramthanga:- 4M - 46R
Zomuansanga:- 4M - 42R
R Lalhlimpuia:- 6M - 37R
Michael Lalhmachhuana:- 4M - 35R

Top 5 Batsman in Chhinga Veng Cricket Club
K Vanlalruata:- 7M - 143R
Sumit Lama:- 7M - 140R
Lalnuntluanga:- 7M - 87R
Lalruatdika:- 7M - 75R
Laltleipuia:- 6M - 60R

Top 5 Bowlers in Bawngkawn South Cricket Club
Lalrinfela:- 6M - 8W
Zoramthanga:- 4M - 7W
R Lalhlimpuia:- 6M - 5W
Moses Ramhlunmawia:- 6M - 4W
Lalmalsawma Khawlhring:- 4M - 3W

Top 5 Bowlers in Chhinga Veng Cricket Club
Sumit Lama:- 7M - 10W
Rosianliana Ralte Junior:- 7M - 7W
Lalnuntluanga:- 7M - 5W
Lalhruaimawia Ralte:- 7M - 5W
Lalthlanawma:- 3M - 3W

Bawngkawn South Cricket Club vs Chhinga Veng Cricket Club BYJU'S Mizoram T20 Fantasy Team Suggestion (BSCC vs CVCC)


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